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Financial Statement Analysis

This course introduces participants to the three common financial statements and ratio analysis.  Participants will learn Excel and use Excel to create statements and perform numeric analysis. 

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Module 1:  Fundamental Concepts

  • Generally accepted accounting principles

  • Matching principle

  • Historical cost vs. fair value

  • A = L+ E

  • Three-statement relationships

  • Footnotes

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Module 2:  Balance Sheet

  • Assets and liabilities (detailed discussion of flow and terms)

  • Debt features and terms

  • Introduction of related period expenses (depreciation, amortization, interest expense, etc.)

  • Equity (detailed discussion of flow and terms)

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Module 3:  Income Statement

  • Income statement (detailed discussion of flow and terms)

  • EBIT

  • Relationships with the balance sheet

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Module 4:  Cash Flow Statement and Other Topics

  • Mechanics and flow of cash flow statement

  • Detailed construction


  • Ratio analysis and case study

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Module 5:  Using Excel to Create Financial Statements

  • Building basic tables in Excel

  • Using pivot tables to organize data

  • Building financial statements

  • Highlight, format, and create borders/tables for best presentation of data

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