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Topics in Risk Finance

This course examines time value of money concepts and financial asset valuations.  Participants will also be introduced to concepts of expected and realized returns. Later in the course, participants will examine how data is collected by statisticians and the applications of statistics in finance.  We will define risk specifically and statistical measures used to define risk. 

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Module 1:  What is Interest?

  • Simple Interest

  • Compound Interest

  • APR vs. APY

  • Convertible interest rates

  • Dividend Discount Model

  • Expected and Realized Returns

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Module 2:  Financial Asset Valuations

  • Annuity Valuations

  • Perpetuities

  • Stock Valuations

  • Bond Valuations

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Module 3:  Statistics and Risk Finance

  • Risk and Return Trade-off

  • Capital Asset Pricing Model

  • Asset Portfolios

  • Weighted Average Cost of Capital

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