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Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)

This course provides hands‐on training that can be applied immediately to successfully implement an enterprise risk management program.  Participants will be introduced to the ERM framework, work through a case study and get assistance with applying these concepts to their business.

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Module 1:  Introduction to ERM

  • Defining ERM

  • Challenges to ERM

  • ERM framework

  • Risk categorization and definition

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Module 2:  Implementing an ERM Framework

  • Defining your company’s risk appetite

  • Defining your company’s risk tolerance

  • Qualitative Risk Assessment

  • Quantifying individual and enterprise exposures

  • Constructing an ERM implementation timeline

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Module 3:  Risk Management Process

  • Identify Risks

  • Analyze Risks

  • Examine Feasibility of Risk Management Techniques

  • Select Risk Management Techniques

  • Implement Decisions

  • Review Results

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